Prepare your child for school education.


A child’s experiences between birth and starting formal education can have a major impact on their future life chances. It is natural that parents, with their children’s best interests at heart, start planning early. At Lara Kindergarten we offer antenatal advice to ensure that expectant parents can plant firm and stable roots for their new and growing family. We recognise that there are enough things to think about during pregnancy. The sooner you plan, though, the more likely you are to secure a place at a nursery that will give your child a fantastic start in life. After all, it is no secret that top nurseries provide a well-trodden path into the most competitive pre-preps and primary schools.

Nursery Selection and Placement

Our specialist Nursery and Early Years consultants will look after you and your young family throughout the process of nursery selection and placement. Her experience of working at nurseries in Kurdistan and abroad will allow her to share with you the components of an outstanding nursery. They will demystify the top nurseries, ensuring that you are confident in the curriculum, ethos and teaching style of each one. Whether you would like to know which the most prestigious nurseries in your area are, or which area you should move to, they will guide you in identifying a shortlist and then narrowing it down to one.

Early Years Assessment

It may be useful, in deciding on the right path for your young son or daughter, to get an idea of their academic potential in order to inform decisions that you make about primary or pre-prep schools. Our expert consultants can deliver a gentle assessment – many children do not realise that they are being tested at all – and give you an honest idea of how they compare to their peers at this early stage.

Available Education

Lara Kindergarten

Our pre-school (Kg1, Kg2) classes are situated in a traditional Kurdish courtyard there is plenty of space for our youngest pupils with a shared outdoor play area, a library and a multi-purpose hall...

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Lara Private School

Classrooms: Each of our classrooms is bright and cheerful, all resourced with interactive white boards. Specialist Learning Spaces: We have specialist classrooms for Music, ICT and Art...

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