Success and Inspirations

Success and Inspirations

We recognise and celebrate student success...

Throughout The School:

Whether it is a one year old who has made their first mark with a pencil or an 11 year old who has won a gold medal in sport. We know that personal achievement can be shown in many ways and as a school we embrace and share in that success, from academic excellence to social confidence.
Our rich and fulfilling school life provides many opportunities for our students to achieve at the highest levels, as well as grow and develop in personal and social confidence. As well as our teacher’s giving regular positive feedback and praise to the children, we use school reward systems. These allow us to reward personal achievement immediately in school. Good manners and excellent behaviour are highly encouraged in school.
All of this personal achievement is celebrated in many ways; in classrooms, on displays, in assemblies, in the newsletter, on our website and throughout the wider community through different media.
Contact us to find out more about how we celebrate success in school and how successful our students have been.

Available Education

Lara Kindergarten

Our pre-school (Kg1, Kg2) classes are situated in a traditional Kurdish courtyard there is plenty of space for our youngest pupils with a shared outdoor play area, a library and a multi-purpose hall...

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Lara Private School

Classrooms: Each of our classrooms is bright and cheerful, all resourced with interactive white boards. Specialist Learning Spaces: We have specialist classrooms for Music, ICT and Art...

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